The Soul Stylist

Welcome to my Soulful Sacred Space!!  

I AM Therese Prentice…

Soul Stylist | Herbalist | Desire Map Facilitator
“Inspiring Women to Live their Imagination”

An Award Winning Visionary & Freedom Leader, Influencer, Brand Ambassador, Connector,  Metaphysician, Healer, Herbalist, Holistic Health Practitioner,  Aromatherapist,  Visual Creative, Curator and Passionate about Soulful Living All wrapped up in as one Dynamic Woman!

Living Your Imagination is the key to Soulful Living and Lifestyle Freedom!

Soulful Living defined:
The Art and Science of Designing Your Life, Work, and Environment that Feels So Good, It Feeds Your Soul!

My Personal Style…
Soulful – Eclectic – Bold – Creative – Spiritual

My Core Desired Feelings…
Connected, Community, Creative, Flow, Fun and Affluent

“The Inner must Awaken in order to Experience the True Essence of the Outer”
Therese Prentice

Let’s Connect Soul to Soul…
Simply put, I AM a INTUITIVE SOULFUL CREATIVE! I am passionate about helping Women heal their Mind, Body, and Soul. I am passionate about creating Herbal Medicine, Creative Expression T-shirts and Inspiring Women to create lives based on how they want to feel. I am an Avid Traveler who loves to shop around the globe! You will find me wearing unique handcrafted clothes, funky jewelry and shoes, eating delicious flavorful food, sifting through the racks of the local Thrift store or engaging in meaningful conversations at the local Farmers Market.  My favorite way to express my creativity is through Visual Art, Art Journaling and Interior Decorating!

Most importantly, I look forward to connecting with YOU! I am interested in helping you Live Your Imagination. I have been very fortunate to figure out the formula to shift everything you are currently experiencing in your life, so you can recreate your experiences to ones that feel so good, it feeds your soul!  You may ask yourself how do I know the secret formula for Living Your Imagination because I designed it that way. I wake up every day and live a life aligned with my Desires totally based on Lifestyle Freedom and you can too! I will show you how!  I can’t wait to connect soul to soul.  Make sure you schedule some time for us to chat all about you, so I can help you Live Your Imagination now! Schedule YOUR Soulful Life-Work Session now!

Your Life is waiting! When are you going to show up? – Therese Prentice