Therese absolutely rocks when it comes to finding business resources to help you take your business to the next level.  I was able to send her a request and get a vetted, qualified candidate in MOMENTS for the job I had available. Having a personally recommended resource took away so much of the headache of screening and interviewing. I quickly verified that the candidate had the abilities and character that Therese suggested he did and he has been an invaluable resource to my business.  She has just recommended a second person to me and I can’t wait to have more impact and service more clients with less stress.  Thank you Therese!
– Concita Thomas – Blogger & Online Fitness Coach

Before working with Therese, I was a bank executive that worked very long hours and did not have a very good quality of life; nor did I see any possibility for other career choices.  What initially began as consultations related to well-being, turned into an un-tapping of who I could become and what I could do to get on track.  Each session with Therese has been very awakening and encouraging.  She has helped me to not only address my overall well-being, but also to motivate me to strive for a more satisfying career path, along with additional business endeavors and opportunities I can take advantage of.  She has truly helped me to open my eyes to achieving success in life and business effortlessly.  This is quite refreshing , to have this type of experience when there are so many other coaches out there making unattainable promises.  Because of my work with Therese, I now have a renewed excitement in life and look forward to my future each and every day! – Alison Stokes – Banker

Your gift is so powerful! Blows me away every time I speak with you! Seriously you are one of the best things that has happened to me since massage therapy school!
– Amanda Green – Massage Therapist

Prior working with Therese I felt struck in a rut, spinning my wheels and never getting to my destination. I wasn’t taking care of myself and trying to build a coaching business. I knew I needed help and boy did I find it! Since working with Therese I have learned steps to taking care of me and helped me realize that in order to help others I must help myself first! Thank you Therese for connecting with me soul to soul and sharing your space with me!
– Cynthia Rich-Struchins – Transformation Coach

Thank you so much for your help Therese! You helped me to streamline and reassess the direction of my business. You asked the right questions & sparked what it is that I truly want out of my business. God Bless! – Erica S. Moss

Through a remarkable and unique communication style, she lifts the curtains in front of your eyes… like the Wizard of Oz… and helps you see what you already know – Ande Lyons

Her serious promotion of individuals taking care of their health and total body assets are what make her a highly sought-after motivational speaker. – Cynthia A. Bell, MBA

Within the first 10 minutes of my VIP Day with Therese, I could already feel the shifts and connections happening in my brain. – Xandra O’Neill – Holistic Health Coach

Therese is creative, intelligent, an out of the box thinker. – E. Schultz

You enabled me to take a look at my business from a fresh perspective – one that clearly is focused and has a business and marketing savvy. – Diane Hoch, CHC

Therese has a unique and intuitive gift for tapping into your brilliance to help you design programs and services that are compelling, client-attracting and profitable. – Monique Caradine – Visibility Expert

Therese is a powerful, comfortable, no holds barred coach who has your best interest at heart! – Anne Antonucci – Health Coach

Rarely in all my life experiences have I met ANYONE who is a Soul Doula like this sacred friend. I trust her guidance – and so can you – Lizzie Bennett – RN

Thank you so much for the complimentary consultation this morning. You have opened up my eyes to more than I could have imagined. So much to think about and consider! I truly didn’t realize how much I was not investing in my health and your knowledge is impeccable. My poor husband is going to get an ear full on how we need to change our lifestyle when he gets home (SMILE). I appreciate your time. – D. Gittens

For those of you who have Thyroid problems like myself; you need to check out my girl, Therese; I learned so much about ways and things I can do to take care of my thyroids. I’m also ordering her cleansing 1st step product. She rocks and she knows her stuff. L. Blakely

When I called Therese Prentice I was ready to take charge of my health. I have an underactive thyroid, iron deficiency and wanted to work with someone who is knowledgeable and caring. After my first consultation with Therese, I felt like she was a God send. She listened to me and educated me and now I’m on a path to taking back my health. F. Scipio

It is truly amazing how much a person can learn in just 21 days!  The Beginner’s Detox has definitely opened my eyes to so many things that I have been doing wrong for many years.  Since completing the program I find myself thinking about what I eat before eating it–something I never did in the past.  I am a 55 year old grandmother, who wants to be around for a while yet and with this new healthy lifestyle that Therese has made me aware of, I feel that is possible!  I recently went for my annual physical exam and my doctor was amazed that my blood pressure and cholesterol had dropped so significantly.  And this was after just one month of following the program!  I am also sleeping through the night thus I have more energy during the day.  Therese, I so appreciate all that you have patiently taught me about myself!  – L. Peterson