Girl, Just Manifest It

Are you a Woman and STILL Longing for
Your Dreams to become a REALITY?

Do You Believe there is More of YOU waiting to be
Birthed into the World?

Are YOU Feeling Stuck, Frustrated, Overwhelmed and Don’t know WHAT to do NEXT?

Do you BELIEVE Deep in Your Soul YOU
HAVE MORE to offer the world?

The world needs you more than ever before to raise your vibration, so YOU can get out there and share your light with more of the masses!!

If you answered YES or had to think twice about any of these questions you are in the right place!

There is a shift going on all around the planet. Your Uneasy FEELINGS represent your SOUL stirring and your personal shifting waiting to UNLEASH in the WORLD!
It is your internal calling to BECOME who YOU were born to BECOME!

Are you going to Answer the restlessness in YOUR SOUL to be a part of this
Massive Shift on the Planet?

Things are going to SHIFT with or without YOU, I promise it is much better when YOU Co-CREATE Your REALITY Shift, because YOU get to have MORE of WHAT YOU WANT!

What are your deepest desires that YOU think are impossible for YOU?

Isn’t it time to learn how to Manifest the RIGHT WAY?

We are NOT taught how to Manifest in Elementary, High School or even College! Actually society keeps us in a place of FEAR each and every day they RE-INFORCE FEAR into our subconscious as a form of manipulating us into a place of MEDIOCRITY

STOP beating yourself up and thinking you should know this already!

You are dead wrong to think you should already know how to manifest what you Want!

I had to learn through trial and error! I had to reprogram how I thought and felt. I suffered a lot of pain in the process. I made a promise to myself if the pain and suffering ended through learning how to manifest. I would teach others how to Manifest what they Wanted! I am willing to share with YOU all of my secrets! I am going to share exactly what I do on a daily basis to create the Life of MY DREAMS for over 20 years and counting!!

Here’s What you GET to EXPERIENCE…

  • 12 Women in a Sacred Mastermind PURE LOVE and MANIFESTING ENERGETIC ALIGNMENT!
  • Let’s Co-Creating a Pathway to Your Next Big thing and more Lifestyle Freedom!
  • Learn Step by Step How to Create What You Want and Manifest What You Desire!
  • Facebook Group for Additional Support
  • Learn how to Netweave –  “Netweaving is the NEW Networking”

This is the Live Mastermind Experience with ME + 12 Soul Sister

Your Life will never be the same when you show up and do the work!

Date for this amazing journey…
November 10, 17, 24, 2015

DeCEMBER 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2015
9:30 pm est

Panoramic View – Seeing the Contrast 
– Your Soul is hungry for what it has never experienced
– Belief Buster: Get Unstuck and Get Clear on Your Next Steps
– Secret Quick Manifestation Tools you can Use from Anywhere

Your Deepest Soul Cravings- So What do YOU Really Want? 
– Connect with your Soul Deep Feeling to Live Your Dream Life
– Learn the importance of Energy Flow
– Learn a key exercise that will change your life in seconds
– Desire Mapping: Create Your Core Desired Feelings

Thinking and Feeling Your Way – Course Correction 
– Step by Step through the process of how to get what you want
– Step by Step how to connect with your feeling
– Learn my Secret Morning Ritual teaching you what to do every morning before you get out of bed.
– Learn to help others when you think you are unable to change a situation

 Visualize to Realize – Getting into Action 
– Learn how to See, Believe and Create the Attitude of Gratitude
– Create Your Soul Vision Map

….Manfestation TOOLS and RESOURCES GALORE!!!!


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The Question is…

Will YOU ALLOW yourself to JOIN ME so I can TEACH YOU?

WILL YOU make the DECISION to TAKE a chance to Change Your

Stop thinking because you watched the SECRET or read a few LAW of ATTRACTION books you know exactly what I am going to share with you!

YOU ARE SO OFF the Mark with this one!

Afterall, You are already manifesting every single day you wake up! Let’s change your Manifesting Mojo from getting exactly What YOU DON’T Want to Getting MORE of What YOU DO Want!

Learning how to Manifest is about mastering your internal GPS or better known as mastering your thoughts and feelings, so you can influence what shows up in your reality! The reality is, we witness the manifestation of our feeling and thinking on a consistent daily basis whether it was conscious or unconscious!

The tools I am going to share with YOU in just 1 Day are MIND BLOWING SIMPLE, allowing for you to SHIFT and MANIFEST with EASE and GRACE with RAPID Speed!

Isn’t it time YOU EXPERIENCED the feeling of Having More Fun, Making More Money and Doing More of What You Love and the Opportunity to BE MORE GENEROUS for the People YOU LOVE?



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 An Ease, Grace and Flow Solution to Living Your Dream Life

and HAVING More of What YOU WANT!

Together we can co-create you having MORE of WHAT YOU WANT…

Wouldn’t it be nice if, You could

✔ Tap into Happiness, Success and Forward Movement on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL

✔ FREE YOURSELF from worry, doubt, concern, fear and anxiety, and why those actually get in the way of you getting what you want
✔ RELEASE the RESISTANCE by thinking you got it all together

✔ Learn WHY you don’t have more of what you want in your life and HOW To FIX it

✔ How to get clear about what you want and


✔ Learn HOW TO MANIFEST with Ease and Grace

✔ Learn the DAILY SOUL RITUALS to allow you to attract MORE FUN, MORE HAPPINESS, and MORE MONEY on a Daily basis so you can Live with PASSION!

✔ Open Yourself up to the ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES!

✔ ALLOW Yourself to Grow Beyond your WILDEST DREAMS!

Just ALLOW YOURSELF to say ‘YES’, then take the ACTION each and every week as I share tools and resources to help you make YOUR Massive Shifts! Next thing I know, you will literally know what I mean when I say “Girl, Just Manifest It”

“Your Life is Waiting, WHEN are YOU going to Show UP!!!”- Therese Prentice