Soulful Women Wisdom Circle

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring! I am officially launching my new group “Soulful Women Wisdom Circle” designed to help Women create the life and business of their dreams on their own terms.
There are lots of people teaching a lot of stuff these days but many are not living what I call lifestyle freedom. Many believe in Hustling, Grind and Working Hard, OH NOT me, remember we get what we focus on and words have tremendous power so don’t use that are not in alignment with what you desire to create.
As for me I have not worked at a job since 2001 and since that time I have always had a business I grew from the comforts of my home. I have had owned an outsourcing company with a staff of 18 people to a (1) person coaching and consulting business. At the end of the day when I decided to design my own lifestyle freedom everything changed.
I am a bit sick and tired of people not telling you the truth about how you create the life of your dreams. Creation is not done in the space of the doing but rather in the space of Imagination + Focus + Feeling + Action = Manifestation into the Physical Realm.
You know what, many of us know, the how to’s of the Creation process and can do it in our sleep but many of us don’t know how and learning how, could change your life.
You see I always had an intention of Retiring my Husband and moving to Florida but there were some key steps I had unconsciously omitted for years. The moment I realized what I was not doing correctly, I was able to manifest my deepest desires in record time. I actually collapsed time! I can teach you how to do that too!
Now I get to wake up inside my dream life, everyday!
I go to bed when I am sleepy and get up when I am done sleeping. Why, because that is the way I designed it! Why would I design my life based on the soul sucking routine of the last job I had. I much rather create my life and business in alignment with how my body and mind best works.
My husband and I travel, we spend time with friends and family, simply put we enjoy life to the fullest. We are not a part of the more more society, we much rather have amazing experiences than collecting more stuff like cars, bags, shoes and shit! Everything in our world we love because we designed it that way!!
I am going to be teaching Women who are sick and tired of being busy, confused and simply sick and tired of just existing!! I going to teach Women the truth about building an online business, the truth about designing a life they love and the truth about the steps to help them get to their place of amazing joy!!
When the world is full of Women who are in a state of Joy the world gets to be a better place for everyone. You know, “Women Rule the World”, so we have to show up and show out. Can’t you see how grumpy the world is, because Women need to get back their Joy!
I am the very person to help take you there! Why because I have been online since 1993 and seen a whole lot of gurus come and go! The ones who told us white lies + big lies about their accomplishments, lies about their income, lies about how to build our business, lies about the tools we needed and lies about the nights they were in their home having a nervous breakdown because their lives were a lie and they were about to be found out!
I know I am not for everyone but guess what I am only for the women who wants lifestyle freedom, the woman who wants to create her reality, the woman who wants to live her imagination, for the woman who is sick and tired of running on a hamster wheel at a job or on the hamster wheel inside of her business. Yup I said it! The Business hamster wheel is REAL!! Those are the people who thought they created freedom because they have a business only to emulate the schedule and routine of the soul sucking job they were desiring to leave. Just take a look around the business hamster wheel is everywhere these days!
Are you on the Business Hamster Wheel?
You may ask yourself do I have all the answers NO, but I will tell you the truth and guide you to truth!
You are cordially invited to join me along with other smart, savvy and womenn of integrity as we together launch “Soulful Women Wisdom Circle”! I have got so much wisdom to share all rooted in truth!! Can’t wait to welcome you into the Circle!!