What is a Manifestation Consultant?

gandhi quote-beliefA Manifestation consultant helps people shift their results in the area of creating the life, work or anything they desire experience. As a manifestation consultant I work in the area of the mind to shift perspectives and perception of what is possible for a client. The term Manifest – is the process of making something visible or easily understood or recognized by the mind. Everything we create starts in the mind and by learning techniques you can recondition your mind to create what you desire.

The creation process starts with an idea, inspiration or an inkling. As we press more feeling and thought we can form a desire for the idea, inspiration or inkling. As we spend more energy focused on the ideas, inspirations or inklings and putting feeling behind it we can transform the non physical to manifest into the physical realm. As a Manifestation Consultant I am the expert who guides and teaches my clients the tools, resources and strategies to bring forth their desires, ideas, inklings and thought into a physical expression in their lives.

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Manifest the Person and the Life Your Soul Craves

When was the last time you took a moment just to reflect on your life? I always recommend to my clients to take a few minutes everyday to be still and take some quiet time for themselves. Sit back, relax and allow yourself to dream for a bit, about who you would like to become and what you would really like to do with your life. If you could simply paint an image of who you want to become, what would that image look like? Your imagination can be incredibly helpful in realizing all of your intentions.


Spend time each day meditating on your Desires and Intentions with these strategies in mind: 

1. Create or Find a quiet space. This space should be somewhere where you can reflect without any interruptions. You might decide to take a walk in the park or ride your bike for 30 mins to an hour. My best recommendation is for you to simply sit still for a 1 minute to 15 minutes to start.

2. Focus your mind on positive thoughts. Think about what you wanted to be when you were 10, 15, and 20. Is it the same career path you have today? or Did you follow your passion and do something completely different?

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Dinosaur Bar-B-Que is Serving Up Soul In Brooklyn, NY

Everyone who knows me knows, I love to eat and love good food. A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I were in Park Slope thrift shopping and we were hungry!  We really couldn’t decide what type of food we wanted to eat.  I remembered Dinosaur’s Restaurant was right around the corner and I immediately started to think about their Mac and Cheese.  Well, let me tell you all about our amazing experience!!!

There is outside seating for you to enjoy your meal perfect for a day when there is great weather  or you can choose to sit inside and enjoy the rustic, conscious environment. At first glance you can see they believe in up- cycling and repurposing old artifacts based on their decor.  The decor alone won me over because I am into anything that reduces our carbon footprint and helps our environment. Soulful living is all about living in harmony with the earth and the people who inhabit it!  So upcycling gets you 5 stars! We were greeted by a friendly hostess who seated us immediately!! The time of day was around 2pm on a Wednesday which as perfect time  for a late afternoon lunch for 2 girlfriends who wanted to eat, chat and relax!

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My Journey to Soulful Living…

Finally I have arrived to a destination I could often only feel – “Soulful Living with Therese”! For those of you who have followed me, you know I have been on a Journey of Spiritual Awakening since around 2011. It has often felt like I was piecing together really fine cookie crumbs that were scattered around the world. Many times I have thought, OMG,  how do you assemble a cookie when the crumbs are scattered all over the world?  Well, let me shed some light on how you assemble the crumbs, hmmm, one crumb at a time!

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