Soulful Living: Creativity and Community in 2017

Happy New Year!!!

2017 is all about embracing more of Soulful Living in a bigger and better way!!! For those of you who are new to me and what I am up to, I am Therese Prentice – simply put I am a super creative, Soulful Curator and Holistic Healer who loves to teach Soulful Living: the Spiritual Connection between their Mind, Body and Spirit!!

Let’s dive in deep into 2017 and what we are about to embark on that is going to be soooooo cool!! Well first of all my Power Word for 2017 is “Community”!  You know once you put something out into the universe you start to get back clues and people start showing up in your life. Well, it is only the 4 day of the New Year and my community is expanding!! I mean just like that – Easy Peasy!!  Here are just a few of the Community oriented projects and experiences that are showing up: on January 14, 2017 I will be hosting a VisionBoard Experience in Queens NY. This VisionBoard experience will not be your typical cut out picture have some fun with your girlfriends look at it for a week and then forget all about the vision you wanted to manifest for you! Instead we will be tapping into your desires on a soul level and them giving birth to your vision in crystal clarity so you can give the power and energy to manifest quickly into your life.

If you have been following me for some time you know I unofficially launched my new line of Herbal Teas called “RemeTeas” designed to support your body in natural healing of every day ailments. It is part of the SoulRemedies Apothecary brand which focuses on “Ancient Remedies Modern Day Wellness”  The collection is comprised of teas to lift your spirits like “Solstice Sunshine” or serious Healing teas such as “Heal Thyself”.  All RemeTeas are created with love, reiki infused energy and intentional healing!!  They are not only healing but they taste really good without sugar, but if you must have sugar I suggest you try Madurhad Agave.

In the coming weeks we are going to introduce you to an amazing partnership with a product I have grown to love which allows me to make all sorts of creative projects. We are going to make a few items to stimulate your creativity in 2017! Stay tuned because it is about to get fun in here and our creativity is about to soar with this new product and partnership.

Until next time make sure you keep up with me on Instagram and Facebook as I share my daily Soulful Rituals and Activity designed to stimulate to have a deeper Spiritual Connection with your Mind, Body and Soul!!!