Archive: November 3, 2016

SoulTalk with Therese – Meet Vanessa Codorniu


About our Guest: Vanessa Codorniu

With more than 10,000 psychic intuitive sessions & with hundreds of students both in the US & Latin America, Vanessa is an acclaimed psychic intuitive, clinical hypnotherapist and international intuitive business coach.

Vanessa is the founder of Intuitive Leverage™~ an 8 week intuition boot camp that gives structure to the invisible so you can make your sensitivity your greatest advantage in life & business!

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Creamy Vegan Dipping Cheese

A Healthy Alternative to Dairy Cheese…Today I made my own version of Creamy Vegan Dipping Cheese. You can create your base and then garnish it with any seasoning or herbs you love!! I fell in love with Vegan Cheese a few months ago when I had a sampling at a local Herb Shop’s fermented food class!  Let this recipe serve as the base for the endless flavors available for you to try!!  It is the easiest thing to make once you pre-soak your Raw Cashews.  I like to soak my Raw Cashews at least 12 – 24 hours to ensure a creamy consistency. After soaking the cashews I drop everything into my Vitamix and blend everything together. Pour into a dish, cover and let the cheese thicken and chill!  While you are waiting for your cheese to thicken and chill, cut up your favorite veggies and you are ready for the best dipping experience.  DELICIOUS!!!  Get out calendar so you can plan to make this amazing recipe…

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HGTV – NYC #BloggerBlockParty

Blogger Block Party

As a avid Fan of HGTV for many many years when I heard about the HGTV #BloggerBlockParty, I immediately sign up to attend. An entire day of DIY and Expert Speakers was planned for everyone who attended! I must say the day exceeded my expectations. The entire day was simply amazing, from the greeting at the door, to every sponsor’s project area. I participated fully and met a lot of talented bloggers, who helped ignite my passion to add more creativity on my blog and in every area of my life.

Once inside I was encouraged to share my experience on social media, so I took advantage of the photo booth!! Check out all the fun we had by following the hashtag – #bloggerblockparty

Paiko Hawaii

Next, I stopped by the Hawaii Island project area to create my own fresh flower wristlet! Thanks goes out to Paiko of Hawaii for shipping flowers directly from Hawaii and sharing knowledge about all the indigenous flowers and green moss of Hawaii. I definitely left with the desire to book my next vacation to Hawaii so I can fully experience the incredible culture and beautiful nature Hawaii has to offer.

Here’s my finished wristlet….


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