Create Harmony Life Balance Doesn’t Exist

There’s no such thing as Life Balance.  If you are like so many other Women Entrepreneurs and Women Executives you have been on a quest to achieve Life Balance, but never fully arrived at your destination. Sorry to say it, but “Life Balance doesn’t exist”.Harmony and Flow

Let me introduce you to a different concept, one that will allow you to be free. You can tell by my website header that freedom is important to me. I am not talking about just any kind of freedom, but the ultimate of Lifestyle Freedom. What I want for you is to be FREE! Free to feel, and experience life on your own terms without spending time trying to find the perfect balance for everything.  Instead strive for Harmony!  Set the Intention to “Create Harmony” in your life.

Webster defines: “Harmony” – pleasing or congruent arrangement of parts

Why “Harmony”?  Harmony allows you to flow in and out the various roles we play as women on a daily basis. It allows us to internalize that everything isn’t designed to be equal but exist more in congruent arrangement with the other parts of your life. There are times when you will have to give more attention to your family, other times your work will require more of you. At the end of the day you will feel more in alignment and more accomplished because you responded to life by being 100% present with your time and attention.  I invite you to try creating life harmony vs.  creating life balance.  I created a few Soulful Living Action items to get you started…

Soulful Living Action…
1. Take some time to assess what area of your life needs you to be 100% Present.
2. Just Flow in the space of being 100% Present with the chosen area of your life.
3. Journal your feelings and thoughts from your Just Flow time!