7 Keys to Activating the Power of Your Intuition

IntuitionUsing your Intuition in Your Daily Life…

1.     Acknowledge the role of your intuition. Cognitive science is giving more and more credit to the part our hunches and gut feelings play in our thoughts and behavior. You might mistakenly assume you’re making rational decisions when you’re really operating on autopilot. Just think of the times you’ve driven home out of habit while you were lost in thought about something else.

2.    Stronger Intuition in Women. Even the experts are divided about whether women have stronger intuitions. Many studies suggest that women in general are more sensitive to emotional cues but individuals vary widely in their intuitive abilities.

3.     Look for connections. Your intuitions are most reliable in the areas where you have the most experience and expertise.

4.     Train yourself to make quick decisions. Gut feelings enable you to respond quickly when making a decision. When the stakes are low, practice building up your confidence by deciding things quickly, ie. what to eat for dinner or which movie to see.

5.     Nurture your sense of curiosity. Those who are curious about others are often the best judges of character. Experiment with putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to understand the reasoning for their conduct.

6.     Put your emotions into perspective. We often exaggerate how much external events will affect us. Whether you win the lottery or lose a bet, you’ll probably soon return to being as happy as you ever were, so listen to your feelings without getting carried away.

7.     Be realistic about your limitations. Keep an open mind don’t be tempted to see what you want to see and overlook errors. Be disciplined about scrutinizing your actions and learning from mistakes.

Your gut feelings already play a big role in what you manifest in your life! Your intuition guides you and helps you understand how you feel, guides you through your relationships and decision making, so becoming more conscious of the process will help you to make better use of your intuition and manifest more of what you desire in your life. I use my intuition everyday in every area of my life.  I am sooo grateful for the Power of my Intuition and how it guide me in manifesting on a daily basis.