What is a Manifestation Consultant?

gandhi quote-beliefA Manifestation consultant helps people shift their results in the area of creating the life, work or anything they desire experience. As a manifestation consultant I work in the area of the mind to shift perspectives and perception of what is possible for a client. The term Manifest – is the process of making something visible or easily understood or recognized by the mind. Everything we create starts in the mind and by learning techniques you can recondition your mind to create what you desire.

The creation process starts with an idea, inspiration or an inkling. As we press more feeling and thought we can form a desire for the idea, inspiration or inkling. As we spend more energy focused on the ideas, inspirations or inklings and putting feeling behind it we can transform the non physical to manifest into the physical realm. As a Manifestation Consultant I am the expert who guides and teaches my clients the tools, resources and strategies to bring forth their desires, ideas, inklings and thought into a physical expression in their lives.

Here are some examples of things and experiences I help my clients manifest…
 Soul Mates, Cars, New Jobs, Team member, Clients, New Homes, Inner Peace.

It really doesn’t matter what you want to manifest or experience in your life I have the ability as a Manifestation Consultant to teach and guide you to create that which you desire. In a session with a Manifestation Consultant we ask a lot of question to get a better understanding where you are right now in your current beliefs about what is possible for you and what you truly desire to experience. Additionally, I want to uncover what you are currently are feeling and what you value most to experience. I work to help you identify the inconsistencies and the areas you are out of alignment with your desire. I give you tools to help you get back in energetic alignment so you can draw into your work the more positive aligned experiences. Keep in mind you have to be willing to do the work, while simple it requires you to become mindful on a daily basis to use the tools and strategies shared in your sessions.