My Journey to Soulful Living…

Finally I have arrived to a destination I could often only feel – “Soulful Living with Therese”! For those of you who have followed me, you know I have been on a Journey of Spiritual Awakening since around 2011. It has often felt like I was piecing together really fine cookie crumbs that were scattered around the world. Many times I have thought, OMG,  how do you assemble a cookie when the crumbs are scattered all over the world?  Well, let me shed some light on how you assemble the crumbs, hmmm, one crumb at a time!

Girl, my cookie crumb trail to Spiritual Awakening has been one of mystery, frustration, confusion, very high vibrational energy and very low vibrational energy plus everything in between. All I know is that I was determined to find my FLOW in the midst of all of it. People showed up for moments in time to give me a message (a crumb), a intuitive gift (symbolizing a crumb) and spiritual jewelry (a physical crumb) each crumb interlocking to create the whole. For all that I gone through and all that I did to sabotage the success of the journey and they many times I thought I could not continue and wanted to abort the journey,  I am grateful for all I learned and experienced on the cookie crumb trail.

Fast forward I have completed a major phase of MY Spiritual Awakening…

1. What am I born to do in this life time?
– I am born to teach the minds of Women the power of creating their own destiny!!
– Spirituality and Universal Laws (Manifestation Tools) are my Teaching Instruments to teach the minds of Women the power of creating their own destiny!

2. How do I express that in the world?
– I am to express all of me through my passions and what gives me the greatest joy which includes my husband who is my biggest and greatest Fan!! Here are a few of my passions that will show up in my brand and all experiences with and through me:

  • I AM a Master Manifestor – (teaching people how to manifest their dreams)
  • I AM a Foodie (tasting  my way around the world)
  • I AM a Mix Media Artist (allowed to remain dormant for 30 years too long),
  • I AM a Journalist (sharing my experiences so others can feel connected and heal)
  • I AM a Holistic Health Practitioner (Intuitively connecting people to Heal Thyself),
  • I AM an Aromatherapist (the essence of the plants allows for you to Heal Thyself),
  • I AM a Connector (bringing people together for meaningful connections)
  • I AM an Ambassador for Effortless Living (Flowing in full alignment is what I want for everyone)
  • I AM Lifestyle Freedom (Free to be who I AM)
  • I AM Living in Alignment with my Soul (Expressing my Soul’s Purpose in the Physical Realm)
  • I AM Pure Love (Christ Consciousness)
  • I AM SOULFUL (Divinely Connected to GOD)

3. What’s next for me?
Being Unapologetically Me – ALL Day and ALL Night! During  my journey of Spiritual Awakening I remembered something my Paternal Grandmother shared with me long before she left this physical world – “You can’t please mommy, you can’t please daddy and don’t try to please me! You can only PLEASE YOURSELF! Always remember that” On this day I have taken my Grandmother’s words to heart!!!” – I am 100% Pleasing ME!!

I am building my “Soulful Living with Therese” Brand and sharing my Gifts with the world because my Life has been waiting and I am more than ready to SHOW UP!!

I am extending to you a personal invitation to join me on the next phase of my Journey! It is sure to be Creative, Soulful, Effortless with a lot of Meaningful Connections!! Of Course there will be Food, Fun and lots of Miracles Manifested!!  Make sure you are part of the Soul Sisters VIP List because the things I will be sharing now and into the future are just for my closest friends and those are my Soul Sisters. Looking forward to experience life with each of you!!

Bye for now!!

Your Soul Sister,